Architectural Design

For us, architectural design is an opportunity for creative problem solving that helps to define your goals, clarify your vision, and turn your dream into a reality.  This multi-phase design process, as explained below, takes your project from concept all the way through construction.  

Architectural Consultation

Consultation services can range from pre-purchase evaluation to onsite solutions-oriented brainstorming and beyond. This service is considered pre-design and can be incorporated into architectural design services or as a stand-alone service.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study service is for people who are unsure if the project that they want to explore is even realistic from a “can it be done” perspective. In most cases, this type of service is directly related to what is allowed per town or city zoning, and some beginning level research is the first in understanding the project’s feasibility.

The Architectural Design Process


This is essentially an information gathering and processing phase – what we do before we start design. We collect all of the applicable information about the project to use in schematic design. This includes information about the site, any existing structure(s), codes, deed restrictions, zoning, septic information, site utilities, access, budget, and schedule.  We’ll send you a detailed list of questions to help us find out more about you, your needs for the project, and as part of the search for an architectural idea to build the project on. This will get us all thinking about the specifics of design from the outset.  This phase is complete when you have agreed to the program and budget we’ve developed together. Then we can proceed to the next phase.

Phase I – Schematic Design

During this first step in the design process, we will help to organize thoughts and goals, create a program and list of requirements needed for each space, and to develop the budget and desired schedule/timeline for completion. Once these key points are established, we will begin to develop preliminary sketches for site integration, spatial organization, and the general design aesthetic. The remainder of the schematic design process will provide you with various solutions (or options) for the intended design, which may be presented as either two-dimensional drawings, three-dimensional computer renderings or a mixture of both. In addition to the visual description of the project, we will work together to develop the project’s written outline specification with more specific details, all of which will be used to determine the estimated construction budget. When everyone involved is confident that we have a design option that best fulfills the programmatic needs, design aesthetic and budget, we will move into the Design Development phase.

Phase II – Design Development

During this second phase of the design, we will finalize all the major decisions and begin exploring the details. Additional design is typically completed on a room-by-room basis using three-dimensional modeling software to clearly communicate ideas and intensions; all construction feasibility is initiated through building plans, sections and elevations using two-dimensional drawings. Building materials, finishes and fixtures are selected during this process and various schedules are prepared as part of the project document set. Necessary alterations to the outline specifications will be completed prior to moving into the Construction Documents phase.

Phase III – Construction Documents

With the design now finalized, we will use the previous drawings as the basis for the development of the Construction Drawings. All the required technical information (such as dimensions and notes) will be added to the drawings. Any remaining schedules will be completed, and a final revision of the outline specifications will be produced. At the end of the Construction Documents phase we will have a completed Project Manual (specifications and schedules) and Construction Drawings ready for bid.

Phase IV – Bidding & Negotiations

Upon completion of the Construction Documents, and client approval of the work to be completed, we will prepare a complete Bid Package. This package includes a complete set of Construction Documents (Construction Drawings and Project Manual) and the Bid Requirements (instructions, due date, etc.). A Bid Package will be issued to each selected bidder and collected for review on the scheduled due date. If negotiations are required during the bidding process, we will assist you, as necessary.

Phase V – Construction Observation

During the construction of your project, we will make scheduled site visits to ensure that construction is progressing as planned and that the project is being built in accordance with the prepared Construction Documents. We will work with the General Contractor to help keep the project on schedule and to aid in resolving any unexpected issues that may arise. When the project is close to completion, we will perform a “walk-through” with you to prepare a punch list of items that need to be completed or modified.