Our Story

Northends is a Maine based architecture and design studio with a primary focus toward experience-based design. Our designs are the reflection of a process which has two essential goals: 

The first goal is to educate. This education is to instill knowledge, confidence, pride, and personal ownership for everyone involved. 

The second goal is to be “a platform for creative discovery”. Finding unique solutions that allow for optimal performance and versatility is the reason why we do what we do.

Our Philosophy

At the forefront of the creative process are the four core principles incorporated into every design.

Inspire the Imagination– Design as a collaborative discovery process results in a product that educates and provokes forward-thinking.

Interpretation of Purpose – To be an expression of function through simplicity of form; a physical example of the true intention.

Enhance the Experience – The architectural art form should be used as a tool to promote a greater experience for both space and place.

Consider Change – Choice and change have a huge impact on the way a space is used, it is important to incorporate flexibility and adaptability into every designed solution.

Our Team

Chris Grotton, AIA

Maine Licensed Architect

Jason McCluskey, AIA

Maine Licensed Architect

Amy Robbins